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NEM works side by side with the major turbine manufacturers and develops its applications to be compatible with their products. Acciona Windpower, Gamesa, GE Wind Energy, Alstom are some of NEM's main clients. This allows NEM to offer tailored and integrated solutions for those products.

1) Wind Turbine Installation Components
Tools and applications for assembly and disassembly of turbines and their minor components and large scale components, such as blades, gearboxes or nacelles.

  • Airpes
  • HTS

2) Installation Equipment Checks
We perform installation equipment checks and wind turbine dismantling that can prolong the wind turbine life and its operation while still complying with country-specific certification requirements and regulations.

3) Optimization of wind turbine performance
Wind turbine life and performance optimization by means of the adaptation and the improvement of wind turbine lubrication systems and the prevention of cracks in the different elements of the wind turbine's gearbox.