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NEM S.L. is the result of more than 20 years of experience offering engineering solutions to the international market. With headquarters in Navarra (Spain) and an office in Wisconsin (USA) we are available to give assistance to each customer, wherever they are.

The previous experience of our team in the wind energy sector and manufacturing plants has allowed us to specialize in this sector in areas such as the design and manufacture of tooling, revisions and certifications of lifting elements, support and maintenance.

At NEM we have taken a step further. As a result of our experience in different multisectorial solutions and our desire to grow and innovate, we can offer our services to other sectors such as photovoltaic, construction, transport or naval, among others.

Grupo Inerzia

a consolidated group that includes four leading
companies in the renewable energy market.

Our corporate DNA combines talent, knowledge and solutions in a global market in which we have a solid and operational presence. Our more than 20 years of experience in the sector allow us to look to the future with confidence and determination. Belonging to a group dedicated to maintenance, PPE sales, design, sales and certification of tooling and training in various fields of wind energy makes us participants in the real needs of the sector. It helps us to keep innovating.

CSR, company
socially responsible

In NEM, we have a clear orientation towards corporate social responsibility, promoting a responsible business model committed to the challenges of our society. In 2019 we started the certification process by the Government of Navarra obtaining the Innovarse RSE mark.

Certified Company
Tri Standard SGS

At NEM we have implemented and certified a documented and integrated management system, aligned with compliance with ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Standards.


Our team is composed of passionate professionals whose experience, motivation and dedication is our great differential.

NEM is formed by experts in the wind energy sector with long experience in areas ranging from engineering design, technical office, maintenance of wind farms, manufacturing processes in plants, feasibility of means of transport and their interfaces with the elements to be transported, reviews and certifications of lifting elements with both destructive and non-destructive testing and ending with experience in the assembly of tooling sets.


Teresa Mauleón

General Manager

She has a great knowledge of the wind energy sector. Teresa has developed her career throughout the entire project process: she knows the civil works, the manufacture of components, their transport, construction and commissioning, working on site in the field. "Her more than 15 years of experience in the international wind industry has allowed her to know perfectly its needs and to understand the requirements in terms of quality, prevention and environmental compliance. Teresa is the Manager of NEM and together with the rest of the team, she listens and accompanies each client with all her experience and professionalism.


Mikel Ozcoidi


He has a degree in Industrial Engineering-Mechanics and a master's degree in Applied and Computational Mechanical Engineering. He has spent most of his professional career in the wind energy sector and also brings extensive experience in other sectors such as stamping and automotive. He is specialized in the design of lifting, support and transport tooling and in field validations, lay outs of manufacturing plants and improvement of processes and procedures. In addition, he is a great production planner and supplier manager with a clear orientation to provide each customer with products, together with their use and maintenance manuals, that meet their requirements in terms of time, results and quality.


Iñaki Hidalgo

Warehouse and Logistics

His experience in companies in different leading sectors such as the automotive industry has allowed him to offer NEM high demands in the order and distribution of storage. Iñaki is perfectly familiar with the assembly and revision of equipment and products as well as their criticality. This allows him to select the most appropriate packaging and manage its shipment regardless of whether it is a national or international transport, by air, sea or land. Iñaki stays very close to customers and suppliers, guaranteeing deliveries and collections of materials and identifying new needs that allow us to continue improving in this phase of the process.


María Urra

Oficina técnica

Esta jovencísima ingeniera, Graduada en Ingeniería Mecánica, viene del mundo de la construcción y el diseño de grandes estructuras de todo tipo de materiales. Es apasionada por las energías limpias y en concreto, por el sector eólico. Tiene conocimientos sobre exigencias de prevención del mercado actual. Su concienciación por la seguridad junto a su disposición a atender a cliente in situ permite a María comprender cada problema en profundidad y así poder ofrecer las mejores soluciones de diseño para garantizar la satisfacción del cliente y superar sus expectativas.

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